Week 24 – Commencement

An amazing 6 months has just passed and a lot has changed. I am forever grateful to have started on this journey. The power of thought is everything!! It shapes literally every aspect of our lives from the smallest habits to painting our entire life pictures which are only the sum of all the choices we have made up to today. We can change, we can create change with just our thoughts. This is the power we have control over. This is the wheel that drives our lives. Because we have this power to change our thought processes our past does not define who we are.

I have been challenged with my 7 -day mental diet for the past few weeks and because my mind is in the dumps then my days have been failures. Its great to see the connection so I put on the Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napolean Hill and instantly realized that the ATTITUDE is everything to creating success.

MKS 24:23 The conditions with which you meet in the world without are invariably the result of the conditions obtaining in the world within, therefore it follows with scientific accuracy that by holding the perfect ideal in mind you can bring about ideal conditions in your environment.

This has been the lesson from day 1 of MKMMA course. And we can change it. If we put forth hostility and anger into our environment then that is what we will get back. But if we put forth love, kindness and gratefulness into our environment then we will be blessed beyond measure.

I will add the one minute of hearty belly laughs to my WPOA.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napolean Hill

Week 23 – It Takes Less Effort To Succeed Than To Fail

Have you ever struggled? and got frustrated with the struggle? Gotten angry at the situation and had emotions run high? Feel like you have been running in circles or a hamster wheel… for days, weeks, months or years? To end up in the same situation and struggle over and over again!

This week we learned that it takes less effort to succeed than to fail.

Struggling against yourself requires a lot of effort. Those frustrating emotions burn a lot of energy! Not only for yourself but those that are the closest to you. Emotions are highly contagious and can spread like a wildfire. If these struggles last for years and the emotions are negative then it can ruin and corrode the relationships that are supposed to support us.

We learned of the Og Mandino’s story this week. He had this very thing happen in his life. Here we are in MKMMA reading his inspirational words 3x a day. He turned his life from an upside down with finding his life purpose. He had been in the fight of his life, an alcoholic, ruined relationships and contemplating ending it all, when he wend to the Library and found a copy of Success Through Positive Mental Attitude by Napolean Hill and W. Clement Stone. He later would work for W. Clement Stone selling insurance. He had found his inner hero and he wanted to write. Doors had opened for him and things just “happened” to fall into place for him. Effortlessly. He became editor at Success Unlimited magazine that under his care went from 2000 subscribers to 155,000! He had found his dharma and would publish 22 books and become a best selling author.

This does not mean that there is no hard work involved. As we learned in this course that knowledge does not apply itself. There is hard mental labour to control those mindsets. It just means that he work becomes effortless with a Positive Mental Attitude. And it just gets done with a efficient “happy knack”. We no longer are in our way for becoming successful. There is no inner struggle holding us back.

Week 22a – Memories

This week I a saw first hand how life can change in an instant. It really showed me the true meaning of “Living everyday as if it was my last”. I lost my most amazing dog. She was healthy and energetic and showed no signs of illness. And then dropped dead after a walk and play.

August 2011 057

Our 7 year old Marley died on March 7, which is a Sabbath and is the 7th day of the week, at exactly 7pm. Seeing how quickly health can change in less than a minute, it put me in a bit of a shocked state.

She loved her daily walks and jumping through the fields like a bunny to catch mice. We made friends with many of the neighbors because she was so friendly and saying her “hello”. She loved the kids so much and was such a comfort to them when they had troubles. She followed me around the house like my shadow, everywhere I went and turned and she was there. She had a very meek personality and hardly ever got into trouble. She loved to hang out in the garden while we worked and enjoyed lounging on the deck in the late afternoon sun. She was the only one that would hang out in the garage while hubby did any kind of “fixing work”. None of the other girls in the house had any interest in that.

I took a few days off of MKMMA  reading. I have since restarted them again. Scroll 6 from The Greatest Salesman was read with brand new eyes. “Yesterday’s joy will become today’s sadness: yet today’s sadness will grow into tomorrows joy.” struck me on a whole new level. Also “For unless my mood is right the day will be a failure”  was hard for me to read.

My gratitude and positive experience cards are also difficult to read. Marley was in a lot of them. Including one I wrote: ” I am so grateful that Marley is healthy” just a week or two before she died. 😦 It is weird to read them now as they captured a moment in time that I cant get back. Am I happy or sad to have these cards? It is sad to read them now, but I probably will cherish them in the days to come.

Week 22 – Perfect Health Through The Law of Vibration

This week we learned about how we can use the Law of Vibration for healing ourselves of any diseases or illnesses. We are all full of energy and energy vibrates. The more vibration we create then the more energy we have and create. These vibrations start with thought. The kind of thoughts that we think determine the frequency of these vibrations. Bad thoughts create stress and tension which stops the body from removing waste products from the body. Good thoughts promote vitality, life and bountiful energy and thus our organs and cells are running at a higher level of vibration. Our bodies chemistry also changes with more happy hormones being produced such as endorphins, seratonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.

In the Master Keys 22.2 explains how this works:

If the state of our health is not all that could be desired, let us examine our method of thinking; let us remember that every thought produces an impression on the mind; every impression is a seed which will sink into the subconscious and form a tendency; the tendency will be attracted other similar thoughts and before we know it it we shall have a crop which must be harvested.

Visualizing ourselves in a perfect state of health will imprint “perfect health” on the subconscious therefore stimulating millions of repair cells to go to work. These cells will go to work through the subconcious without us needing to give them direction. As long as we keep the image of perfect health in mind and a Positive Mental Attitude. Thoughts are automatically transferred to the body so health, strength and vitality must be the predominant thought.

The society that we live in today definetely under values the powers of the mind. What can be truly manifested if we can unlock all its power?

Week 21 – Connecting Dots

A Coincidence or Divine meeting?

This weeks lesson was about Miracles. In it we learned to recognize that everything is a miracle! We just have to become conscious of it and become better observers and we can identify it everywhere.

Today I had an encounter with someone that was divinely organized. I was visiting my father at the hospital. It was just after 4pm, almost supper time. I find him in the cafeteria waiting with a few other people. I pull up a chair and sit down at the table and my father smiles from ear to ear. He calls me by my cousins name but he knows I am his daughter.

My father who has Alzhiemers is losing his speach. He has been using hand signals to speak for a little while now, but with me, today, he starts talking and chatting. I can probably understand only half of what he says. Today he was telling me about a girl in a wheelchair that comes into the cafeteria. People start to fill the cafeteria dining hall and my dad gets his food.

Halfway through his meal my dad gestures to a lady in a wheelchair. She immediatly comes by and says hello. I can see why my Dad is fond of her. She looks similar to me. She comes and gets a tray of food and sits with us.

In our short dinner conversation I find out lots of things that are remarkable. One that floored me was that she had a deceased sister that lived very close to me and that my children know her niece and nephew. They are my daughters best friends nieghbours and they go to the same school as my kids.

What are the chances of me visiting my father in the hospital in a city that has a population 500k residents, 2 hrs from the middle of nowhere where I live, and find such a strange far fetched connection?

Her story contains heartaches, tears, medical trauma, estrangement and loss. There was a divine reason for this meeting. It gave this woman hope to reunite with family she had thought she lost.

This was her miracle.

And I was made part of it.

She gave me a few items and one was a bracelet with a beautiful cross on it. I am grateful that I am able to be more observant and connect the dots to see the big picture.

Col 1:17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Week 20 – The Comfort Zone

This week I am exercising expanding my comfort zone. The real life experience breaking out of this zone has not been a disaster like the movie that I play in my head likes to gravitate to. It may even have been pleasurable! I have decided that this movie that keeps getting encore screenings needs a boot 🙂 .

We are all living the life of our day to day actions. People who are successful today most likely did not start out that way and had to learn as they went through their success journey. But they did embrace their inner Hero and started getting uncomfortable. Becoming uncomfortable creates mental muscle that translates to an inner power from within.

The fear that is percieved can be crushing. I had a day that really paralyzed me but I reached out to my Mastermind Partner. Mark J says “no one makes it without a mastermind partner!” I totally agree! And I am so grateful for her! ❤ And without being accountable to her I would toiled in my fear for days instead facing it head on by putting a deadline to the action. And it got done!

And I know increased my mental muscle and have grown in inner strength! Fear and doubt are being replaced by courage and power. The mental disaster movie is fading away and replaced with my movie of my DMP.

Week 19 – Cause and Effect

Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert Landscape


Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect as a concept is fascinating. It means that nothing happens by chance. It is for certain that if you perform  “A + B” you will get “C”. There is no getting around that. It is set in stone!  Prior to MKMMA I often felt like I was in a hamster wheel. Even though I was frustrated and did not like my circumstances and I definitely did not guard the thoughts that I entertained. I love knowing that there is a formula for success and that success is something that we can control and not just FATE. Nobody just got lucky and became successful. Whether they new it or not, they followed this formula.

The cause is our thoughts and the conditions and environment are the effects. And when we look at circumstances in this light then we seek the truth. This is something that I fully resonate with. I love to get down to the nitty gritty truth. Because in truth you will see results.

That means that we are the creators of our own environment. For some this realization is painful. And for others it is an opportunity! A destiny to be had.

The defintion of Destiny from dictionary.com

the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events.
That means that Destiny is already set into existence in advance, before it ever becomes reality.
Matter and Mind
Another form of Cause and Effect is Matter and Mind. Mind controls matter. Looking at today’s architecture and landscape it was different 100 years ago. It will also be different from today then 100 years from now. Things are continually changing, but mind is the process whereby all new things are being created. The Mind is in control of the Matter.
The food which I furnish my mind determines the whole character of my life – Emmet Fox




finish strong

This week my old blueprint tried to take a swing at me and wipe me out… It did make me stumble a bit and I started doubting if I can actually achieve what is set out in my DMP and if I am physically able to finish this course. On my DMP, early on in the course I had put a sticky note on it that reads “I always FINISH!” and I read it after every reading  out loud, with the greatest gusto I can muster 🙂 Even though my readings this week were sporadic and weak, when I did read I new I was NOT giving up.  Trish had related her story where she physically reacted with Eczema and I could really relate to that! Mine was sleeplessness and nightmares and when 5 out of 14 days are ENTIRE nights without sleep and those nights where I was lucky to get 5-6hrs I ended up with nightmares…. So weakness and fatigue set in and my old excuses came back.

Contacting my guide, Bob Paterson, was an incredible help.  Thank YOu BOB! I am so glad we have guides to help us. I realized that I have always used “feeling tired” and my insomnia as an excuse. This WAS my Go TO reason for failing. But no more of that!

So ‘what would my future self do?”

Keep at it! Follow a strict sleep hygiene habits, meditate, exercise, get some sunshine and of course be the master of any fear that pops up, substitute excitement for my future me and of course FINISH!

I am not my past! My Past does not DEFINE WHO I AM TODAY and WHO I WILL BE TOMORROW!  Thank goodness. I will live today as if it were my last and I am not emotionally attached to the outcome. I am just going to act without fear and master courage everyday!

Week 17a – Chipping Off The Concrete


The Reluctant Hero…  A life of a world of daily known’s…. same routine, same school or job, same afternoon and weekend activities and same friends. There is no change and therefore a life lived that is not challenged. When there is change in this routine we step into the unknown. And that is where true transformation and GROWTH happens and we choose to proceed with the Heroes Journey.

Are you looking at life as a “Heroes Journey” and see it as a way to rise to the challenge?…

or stay in a state of confusion…

or dwell in defeat?

Little children don’t have a filter or impulse control and as result there is no  fear of repercussions to their actions. They love to explore, discover and learn new things – without judgements or opinions – just shear curiosity. Fear is learned and self consciousness develops and we stop doing things we think we should  just because of other peoples disapproval.  Actions produce results and therefore our environment changes. But when we are to afraid to take action then there is no change and we are left to dwell in the same old same old. We need to be exited about the adventure! Exercise the law of Substitution. Switch the emotion of fear for embracing the challenges. Our flaws are our opportunities and calls for greatness. Courage comes after you do the thing we fear, not before! Wow! What a revelation.

Have you ever asked yourself the question …

What is the meaning of Life?


A deep question that many have asked at some point!  But what if we switched that question around and gave it a little bit more spin…


what do you “do” to Give Meaning to Life?

The first question requires no effort on our part except to open our eyes and a feeling of complacency and maybe a little entitlement? In the second question is a call to action… by becoming an active participant in creating the life we desire that makes an impact on other around us.  Yes!!! It requires ACTION!! And the way to do that is to step into this Heroes Journey! Into the unknown and develop this greatness that only comes with the Journey and become the discoverer!

I know that I have “excusitis” and I refuse the call to action. There is always tomorrow? right? Well, It is time to slay those dragons because there are some dates on my DMP that are coming up and it kind of took me by surprise even though I read it several times a day! Well time to let go of some of those excuses and heed the call to my personal adventure!

To your Heroes Journey!

Week 17 – Birthing Courage



This week I am a brand new AUNT. My kids have been the only grand kids in both my family and my husbands family until this past Thursday at 5am when my new nephew was born! How awesome to be around a new born again! I am in LOVE!

And just as luck would have, my virtue in the Franklin Makeover this week was Courage. I sure had a lot to draw upon. Birthing takes lots of courage. From the student midwife to deliver the baby, to the first time mummy trusting herself she can rock her labour naturally, to the baby entering this huge new world and all the discovery and growth that starts with just opening his eyes.

New mummy said that during her birth she did not care about her outside surroundings. She just concentrated on her mission and went deep within herself to get the strength to do so even into the wee hours of the morning.

And she is so right!

I remember the births of my children and the intense concentration and mental strength that was needed to bring them into this world. There was no fear. I trusted that I could do this. The strength came from all the knowledge I had acquired throughout my pregnancy and I put it into practice.

This is a true Hero’s Journey!


For why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today? – Og Mandino


When birth occurs a new life begins! Discover a new day by seeing the world with new eyes. That’s the  Franklin Makeover!!