Week 17a – Chipping Off The Concrete


The Reluctant Hero…  A life of a world of daily known’s…. same routine, same school or job, same afternoon and weekend activities and same friends. There is no change and therefore a life lived that is not challenged. When there is change in this routine we step into the unknown. And that is where true transformation and GROWTH happens and we choose to proceed with the Heroes Journey.

Are you looking at life as a “Heroes Journey” and see it as a way to rise to the challenge?…

or stay in a state of confusion…

or dwell in defeat?

Little children don’t have a filter or impulse control and as result there is no  fear of repercussions to their actions. They love to explore, discover and learn new things – without judgements or opinions – just shear curiosity. Fear is learned and self consciousness develops and we stop doing things we think we should  just because of other peoples disapproval.  Actions produce results and therefore our environment changes. But when we are to afraid to take action then there is no change and we are left to dwell in the same old same old. We need to be exited about the adventure! Exercise the law of Substitution. Switch the emotion of fear for embracing the challenges. Our flaws are our opportunities and calls for greatness. Courage comes after you do the thing we fear, not before! Wow! What a revelation.

Have you ever asked yourself the question …

What is the meaning of Life?


A deep question that many have asked at some point!  But what if we switched that question around and gave it a little bit more spin…


what do you “do” to Give Meaning to Life?

The first question requires no effort on our part except to open our eyes and a feeling of complacency and maybe a little entitlement? In the second question is a call to action… by becoming an active participant in creating the life we desire that makes an impact on other around us.  Yes!!! It requires ACTION!! And the way to do that is to step into this Heroes Journey! Into the unknown and develop this greatness that only comes with the Journey and become the discoverer!

I know that I have “excusitis” and I refuse the call to action. There is always tomorrow? right? Well, It is time to slay those dragons because there are some dates on my DMP that are coming up and it kind of took me by surprise even though I read it several times a day! Well time to let go of some of those excuses and heed the call to my personal adventure!

To your Heroes Journey!



  1. Catherine, i loved your blog! So often in many ways we refuse the call… lets work on slaying those dragons together – and in harmony!

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  2. Wendy's Master Key

    You are so right Catherine!! I have been refusing the call as well but I am ready to give more meaning to life as well ! 🙂

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  3. Yes, we have to act like children once again and fearlessly explore the unknown!

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  4. GReatp ost and great writing expression – refusing the call, yes I’m guilty!


  5. Trish

    Ha! “Excusitis” So accurate… an infection… a disease… Awareness is the beginning of change. Great job!


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