Week 22a – Memories

This week I a saw first hand how life can change in an instant. It really showed me the true meaning of “Living everyday as if it was my last”. I lost my most amazing dog. She was healthy and energetic and showed no signs of illness. And then dropped dead after a walk and play.

August 2011 057

Our 7 year old Marley died on March 7, which is a Sabbath and is the 7th day of the week, at exactly 7pm. Seeing how quickly health can change in less than a minute, it put me in a bit of a shocked state.

She loved her daily walks and jumping through the fields like a bunny to catch mice. We made friends with many of the neighbors because she was so friendly and saying her “hello”. She loved the kids so much and was such a comfort to them when they had troubles. She followed me around the house like my shadow, everywhere I went and turned and she was there. She had a very meek personality and hardly ever got into trouble. She loved to hang out in the garden while we worked and enjoyed lounging on the deck in the late afternoon sun. She was the only one that would hang out in the garage while hubby did any kind of “fixing work”. None of the other girls in the house had any interest in that.

I took a few days off of MKMMA  reading. I have since restarted them again. Scroll 6 from The Greatest Salesman was read with brand new eyes. “Yesterday’s joy will become today’s sadness: yet today’s sadness will grow into tomorrows joy.” struck me on a whole new level. Also “For unless my mood is right the day will be a failure”  was hard for me to read.

My gratitude and positive experience cards are also difficult to read. Marley was in a lot of them. Including one I wrote: ” I am so grateful that Marley is healthy” just a week or two before she died. 😦 It is weird to read them now as they captured a moment in time that I cant get back. Am I happy or sad to have these cards? It is sad to read them now, but I probably will cherish them in the days to come.



  1. Wendy's Master Key

    Time heals all wounds! It sounds odd but there is some truth in this saying.
    Remember all the good times Catherine!! 🙂


  2. Trish

    Hoping you’re beginning to experience Peace after this loss. Sending Love your way.


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