Week 20 – The Comfort Zone

This week I am exercising expanding my comfort zone. The real life experience breaking out of this zone has not been a disaster like the movie that I play in my head likes to gravitate to. It may even have been pleasurable! I have decided that this movie that keeps getting encore screenings needs a boot šŸ™‚ .

We are all living the life of our day to day actions. People who are successful today most likely did not start out that way and had to learn as they went through their success journey. But they did embrace their inner Hero and started getting uncomfortable. Becoming uncomfortable creates mental muscle that translates to an inner power from within.

The fear that is percieved can be crushing. I had a day that really paralyzed me but I reached out to my Mastermind Partner. Mark J says “no one makes it without a mastermind partner!” I totally agree! And I am so grateful for her! ā¤ And without being accountable to her I would toiled in my fear for days instead facing it head on by putting a deadline to the action. And it got done!

And I know increased my mental muscle and have grown in inner strength! Fear and doubt are being replaced by courage and power. The mental disaster movie is fading away and replaced with my movie of my DMP.



  1. Wendy's Master Key

    Way to go Catherine!!! I like that ” it may even have been pleasurable!”
    That is awesome!! šŸ™‚


  2. Willena Flewelling

    What a blessing that we have so many ways to grow by exchanging the positive and negative! I’m glad you reached out to your Mastermind Partner, and things are better for you.


  3. Trish



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