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Anna Gregowski – The Bay Life – December 30, 2016




As I enter Catherine’s home I notice its  that it is warm and inviting and the smell of delicious muffins is in the air. The wood stove is firing hot making the home feel extra cozy and comfortable. The two feet of snow covers the perennial garden outside and is visible from the floor to ceiling windows. The cathedral ceiling opens the house up making it feel very spacious. The open concept home has exposed rustic beams crossing throughout the entire home.


There is something delicious baking in the oven. I walk through the house and see that the living room is filled with happy pictures of  her trip to Israel with her family hiking through the stone streets of old Jerusalem, touring the majestic tower of David and caked with the mud of the Dead Sea. The family is so happy in those pictures.



“Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. ” We sit down for coffee at the kitchen table with some warm apple spice muffins and steaming cups of coffee. The smell of sweet nutmeg and cinnamon is irresistible. I bite down into the warm muffin and enjoy it with all my senses. “mmm, this is delicious!”I exclaimed.

” Tell me, when did you go to Israel?”  I asked

“We just came back 4 months ago. It was the first trip that I gifted myself for finishing my Memory course. One of my struggles has been that I have struggled with insomnia for 12 years and I have felt it take a toll on my brain. One of my Personal Pivitol Needs (PPN’s) is true health. Not only does the brain control our thoughts but it is an endocrine organ that produces hormones. And balanced hormones make a person feel great. I have done many things from taking pills to acupuncture, stressful exercise, to farming and nothing has worked to balance my sleep. I had to deeply ingrain into my subconscious mind that sleep is the cornerstone to great physical health. I value great sleep and that it is great for my Brain.  Good sleep is essential for the brain to function at an optimal level. The scientific studies are now coming out how poor sleeping habits are linked to Alzheimers. You see, my father has Alzheimers and dementia and I visit him in long term care. He struggled with poor sleep hygiene. This is not where I want to end up. I work very diligently to have good sleep habits. I had to wait to do my Memory course until I had good sleep. Previously when I tried to take this memory course it had kept me up through out the night. The technique used in this course was through working on visualization. It was intense to visualize for 3-4 hours a day and the visualization made my mind run for hours throughout the night. So I was not able to complete it.

However, I discovered Master Key Master Mind Alliance course run by Mark and Davene J. This course taps into the limitless power of the subconscious mind. The subconscious makes all of our decisions and therefore our action and our lives are a reflection of our choices on our decisions we make daily. I can now control myself to make good sleep habits. All the pills, needles and physical work could not change my subconscious mind. That change had to come within. ”

” This kind of talk can hit the pharmaceutical industry pretty hard!” I exclaimed ” you don’t need pills to sleep! just feed the subconscious mind to form good sleep habits!”

“so to reward myself for good sleep an doing the Memory course  I wanted to learn Hebrew” Catherine continued ” I enrolled into the summer Biblical Hebrew course at the University of Jerusalem. It is a 4 week course, perfect to take the kids to Israel during their summer vacation. You see, in the past learning languages has been a challenge. But the Memory course is a tremendous help. My father spoke 5 languages and was very proud of that. Hebrew is a very fascinating language and very deep. It has many mysteries to be yet uncovered. Which leads me to my other PPN which is Spiritual Growth”

“Normally peoples needs are for money and material things. Why did you not chose that?” I asked

“In the MKMMA course we first started out defining what we want our life to look like …and that’s how this all started. When a person decides to build a house,  they first  need an architect plans before any work gets done. They need plans, materials, a lot and man power to build it. This course helps us with planning and executing the architectural plans for our future.  We decided on our Personal Pivotal Needs which are our core needs in life. Without our core needs met it is hard to be successful.  Although I desire to be financially free, I need to restore my relationship with God and regain my health. Most success gurus would have you ignore these needs and just focus on profitable actions. This is not the case in the MKMMA because when a persons pivotal needs are met then all the other needs are met! This is the foundation of my success. Then after those needs are met we can focus on profitable actions.”

“Spiritual Growth is a need. You see there have been times in my life that I have felt very close to God. One of the first times was when I was at church and His Spirit came upon me and knocked me to the floor. I felt myself leave my body and yet I still felt my body. I could not move a limb and my body was very hot and every cell on fire. This preacher taught the mysteries in the Bible. During that time we had all kinds of manifestations of  His Spirit. Gold dust, Visions, and rainbows appeared on television screens that were turned off. This preacher moved and my church dissolved and I felt orphaned. But I have been searching for what was lost for a long time. These days I am looking from within for Him. I am that preacher declaring the Mysteries are revealed!  I am now walking in full Spirit of God. Have you heard of the hidden mysteries that are in the Bible?”



Intrigued, I answer with a “No,… you have mentioned the mysteries a few time,  tell me more! I love a good mystery!”

“well, that is the reason there are so many parables and proverbs in the Bible. It is all a mystery! So the Invisible may become Visible! When a mystery is revealed we get more insight about who God, Jesus and His Spirit really are and who we are as the Bride of Christ. There is power in the invisible. Everyday has become a miracle! I pray for people and they become well, any kind of illness, from cancer to death!  I have gems falling from the sky and hitting me in the back! How incredibly amazing. I wake up to study my Scripture and gold dust falls out of my Bible. I smell roses coming out of my refrigerator – and let me tell you that I don’t have roses in my fridge!  Just like the Scripture says  ” Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”  In John 14 Jesus says that we are to do greater works than He! The secret power is in the invisible. And the invisible is not revealed without work. ”

“Wow! ” I exclaimed. “So it looks like all your PPN’s have come true! Has the financial part also fallen into place?”

“Yes!” Catherine jumped out of her seat “look at the BMW in the driveway!” She pointed her finger outside. “I have become Marketing Director with Worldventures”



“I earned the money for this trip to Jerusalem! I retired Jonas from work and are able to travel anywhere our heart desires at anytime.  Everything that I outlined in my plan has come true. It is pretty incredible what can happen when you put your mind to work. I really could not do it without Mark and Davene and their MKMMA course. I know that the subconscious mind has limitless power.  I am happy, I am at peace and I am no longer fighting against myself. When you look up the word BLISS in the dictionary one of the definitions is The JOY OF HEAVEN. I am in that moment now and have found a way to stay there forever! Praise the Lord!”



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  1. Hey this is a great and I’m glad to see the success that is coming your way in your life. I enjoyed reading this press release and you have a great week.

    Take Care… Brodi


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