Week 13 – NARC

crying money


Everybody wants a better life and yet most of us have trouble getting past obstacles and get stuck in a rut. Most of the time this rut is a MENTAL OBSTACLE. Running in the same old routines is so comfortable and thinking of the same excuses is the crutch that we depend on.

What is the power that can change our whole life?

We have the power to think and with that power we make decisions and choices.

Whatever we focus on grows. Perspective is reality. We avoid things that cause us pain and we are drawn to things that cause us pleasure.  And a choice is made… People are the only ones that can associate different feelings to situations. Animals are reactive to situations but people can change how they feel.

Some people feel that…

Exercise is painful while others feel pleasure

Making sales calls is painful while others attach pleasure

Chores are painful while others just love getting things done

Our ability to think is the ability to act.

Whatever gets rewarded gets reinforced.

What is it that we are rewarding?

Good behaviour from now on! In MKMMA we learned the technique of Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning (NARC) that turns a previously painful experience into a pleasurable one. So that there is no more excuses not to do the work needed for SUCCESS. Now there is pain attached to not doing the work. This is an instantaneous shift in mindset. We need to focus on the main thing that will drive our business forward and not get distracted by the little things (and the excuses in our head). Not doing these things will cause huge pain in not attaining our DMP. The phone is now an ATM machine and the only way for the DMP becoming reality!

I am so grateful now to have this tool in my toolbox!

To your bliss,




  1. bethvollmar

    I appreciate your recap in this message. Great work!!


  2. Wendy's Master Key

    Thanks for the reminder Catherine!!


  3. It certainly is an amazing thing to have the ability to change our feeling towards a particular situation. You provided a great recap on this. Thanks.


  4. Great post Catherine! NARC is powerful !


  5. Change the polarity the right current will flow… place your demand before fear and fear leaves… the law of dual thought gives you the power to attach any feeling to a thought we want, as you persist, you win!


  6. I have a new meaning for Narc 😉 I love it and the ability to attach the feeling of pleasure to whatever task I am called to do. Thank you!


  7. Trish

    Are you still using it?


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