Week 8 – 7 Day Mental Diet

The seven day mental diet by Emmet Fox was prescribed to us almost two weeks ago in the MKMMA course. It is a diet of only thinking positive thoughts straight through for 7 days. Just as much as we become what we eat, we also become what we think.

It’s been a huge challenge for me. I thought that I was a fairly positive person and the “no opinions” challenge went fairly well and we had this experience of monitoring our thought processes. We were told to turn off the televisions for ourselves and for our children.  This includes any device that broadcasts news and all the negative stuff that comes with it.

I now call myself a former news junkie. I loved all things news. It has been running through my ears and into my brain for decades from morning till night. Now there is silence. And now I listen to my internal dialog. Oh my goodness! So many thoughts to actually become conscious of.  How can I make sure that I can catch every negative thought?

Part of the process is becoming aware so we can correct the negative and turn it into a positive thought. And it’s kind of crazy how a simple inert thought can turn catastrophic in a mere split second. For example chopping onions for dinner… “these garden onions are strong, don’t drop onion bits on floor so the dog won’t eat it, onion kills dogs, oh my goodness I would be devastated when my dog dies” And then I go about feeling bad and then my thoughts go from my dog dying to other similar catastrophic events.

The good thing is that I am aware and I can stop them before they turn so bad and catch them at the “don’t drop onion on the floor” stage and get the thoughts going in a positive direction.

I have accomplished around 8hrs or so of positive thinking. We have been snowed in and the kids only had one day if school this week. They have been missing their TV and with no place to go to keep them engaged it’s been challenging. I have been teaching them material from MKMMA and it’s really been amazing to see their relationship between each other getting stronger.

“This then is the real key to life: If I change my mind my conditions must change too – my body must change ; my daily work or other activities must change; my home must change; the color tone of my whole life must change – for whether I can be habitually happy or cheerful, or low spirited and fearful, depends entirely on the quality of the mental food upon which I diet myself.” 7 Day Mental Diet, Emmet Fox

I greet this day with LOVE in my heart. And I shall succeed.



  1. great thoughts on the 7 day mental diet. it has been up and down for me but the experience is worth it all.

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  2. I am inspired by your words! Thank you for sharing. God bless you on your journey.

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  3. brittanykmasterkey

    I too have struggled going a full day with the mental diet, you are right about how easy it is for those thoughts to quickly spiral down into more negativity.

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  4. It’s so exciting to see how it affects our children as well!! Great work Catherine!

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    • Teaching kids skills is so worthwhile. It gives them the knowledge and belief that they could do anything in life! How powerful is that.


  5. Hi Catherine,
    Great comments about the 7 Day Mental Diet.Love your comments about no TV, I’m a news person also. Have you found yourself not being able to comment on a news event because you didn’t know about it? I have had that happen a couple things. Sounds like you’re in the Buffalo area.

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    • I caved and watched the news one day this past week. I prefer to not have it on anymore!


  6. Looking great Catherine, and this seven day mental diet is kinda fun at time’s. Keep up the great work with your journey in the Master Key’s

    Take Care… Brodi

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    • Brodi, I just found your comments in the spam folder and approved them! Here is to your 7 days of positive thinking! Cheers.

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  7. Trish

    Your children are so blessed to have you as their mom. 🙂


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