Week 6 – DMP Struggle

So it is week 6 and I am still rewriting my DMP. I can see why this is so. Its not specific enough with measurable dates and numbers. This weeks post is gonna help me organize my thoughts so I can make my DMP clearer and specific. I have been staring at my DMP with frustration, getting side tracked in the Alliances and reading others blogs looking for an answer from “without”. Well no one can write my DMP  except that what is “within” me.

My PPNs are True Health and Spiritual Growth and its not something that I at the moment I can  put a number on. My PPN for true health is not losing weight although getting rid of 10-15 pounds would be awesome. Convenience and fast foods are not what we eat and my personality tends to lean on the “food police” side which my kids will be grateful for in their adult years (certainly not now – lol).   True Health for me is sleeping a full 8 hours and feeling more energetic then I ever have. This is not strong enough for my PPN and it has not stuck yet. I feel that this is a true PPN. I am a health nut!  I can get excited about health very easily, but I just don’t know how to write it out and be specific.

One of the things that Mark had mentioned in this weeks webinar is rewarding yourself for doing work. I think this may be what I need to do to get specific with my SMART goals.

When one battles with insomnia, brain and cognitive function decreases.  Big time…. and a lot of the time my brain feels like scrambled eggs. So years ago I bought a course that helped improve memory. I got through the first few lessons and quit because this memory course made my brain work way into the night and gave me even greater insomnia. This could be my reward! “When I get 7 plus hrs a night of sleep on a nightly basis, get my circadian rythm on a routine, I can restart memory course” and  I can attach a SMART goal to this and it can be measurable!

Spiritual Growth is also a true PPN for me. I can’t seem to get specific SMART goals on that either. Other than being specific about Scripture Study.

Is this DMP for me or is it for my family?  A Costa Rica Vacation is currently in there.  It would be awesome to see my family on a trip to Costa Rica but would it not be more intellectually stimulating to go to Jerusalem and visit all incredible Biblical destinations such as the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. Since I am already feeling more exited and energetic looking at google images of the Holy Land I think I am on the right path of self discovery! How amazing does that feel! My kids would probably enjoy Jerusalem just as much as Costa Rica! And there is the Dead and Mediterranean Sea for them to get their “Beach Vacation”.  I am feeling better about this already!

To your BLISS ~ Catherine






  1. I want to look at it as you’re struggling with your DMP as this is a journey of self-discovery and although it may seem like a struggle, you are on track as you are discovering your inner self.

    I have read written mine every single week, and now it’s getting to a point where things are starting to make sense in my life.

    Keep up the great work on this journey of a new you.

    Take Care… Brodi


  2. Hi Catherine,
    I can certainly understand your frustration with your DMP. After this last webinar I realized my DMP reflected my old blueprint. Well, back to the drawing board.



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  3. Hi Catherine.

    I’m on the same page as well, re: an evolving DMP. I’m good with that because I didn’t get to where I am quickly and making changes won’t be quick and automatic either. As long as I keep focus and direct my energy and will, while at the same time paying attention to what my body, heart, and spirit tell me for clues and direction. Truly loving and appreciating this experience.

    And speaking of listening to one’s body, a big YES on the need for SLEEP! I’ve been working on this aspect of my health and fitness for a couple of years and it’s an ongoing struggle. I don’t have insomnia, but I’ve never needed/wanted/enjoyed sleep all that much. As a kid my parents didn’t get more than 5 or 6 hours a night and I’ve been the same, and for decades I was getting by on 4 to 5 hours a night and thinking that was just my physiology. To some extent it may be true I guess that individuals need different amounts, but it’s also more clear to me now that averaging closer to 7 hours a night is key to my overall health, fitness, happiness, AND to my progress in fulfilling my purpose.

    Thanks for your post and your focus on sleep.



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    • Hi Bruce, thank you for sharing your experience with lack of sleep and you DMP struggles. Listening to oneself is key here. I think I have hit the nail on the head with writing out this post as it seems to ring true to me! Your sleep issue may be your old blueprint? maybe? Especially if your parents didn’t have good sleep hygiene either? I know that my parents didnt care if I slept or not, so as a 12 year old I would read novels into the night and into the next day. Also limiting nighttime screen time has done wonders for extending sleep length (going from 4-6hrs night, to now averaging 6-7hrs. But sometimes less when there are too many things to do)


  4. masterkeybruce

    Catherine, just keep at it.

    The self analysis you are doing is what got my DMP worked out for me. It will be worth it.


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  5. Absolutely, keep going Catherine. It will come to you naturally, whilst you’re keeping everything open. I look forward to hearing your progress.

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  6. brittanykmasterkey

    I too am still working on my DMP. I’m so glad I read your blog, I thought I was the only one 🙂 I hope writing this helped you find the clarity you seek! And I wish you a night of restful sleep.

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    • Thank you Brittany! Keep writing out your DMP and listening to that inner voice within. This post did help tremendously.


  7. Trish

    I can’t wait to see how this unfolds. Peace.


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