Week 5 – No opinions and be an observer

This week in the MKMMA class we have been asked to get rid of our opinions and judgements and become an observer. This is meant to get rid of attachments and become detached from an outcome. To become less emotional about an outcome makes you more productive and being to emotionally involved hinders productivity. Haanel states in the intro to part 3

Eliminate, therefore, any possible tendency to complain of conditions as they have been, or as they are, because it rests with you to change them and make them what you would like them to be.

Complaining is expressing an opinion. Is this one of the reasons we get so distracted and lose focus? We get caught up in drama and then cant remember what we need to do to advance in our life goals.

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something because you where worried about others opinions of you. Thinking that you will be judged. And then what if you do fall on your face? You not only have a bad opinion of yourself , other people would most likely have certain opinions of you. Well being a detached observer removes the emotional mind and replaces it with the wise mind. You stop having feelings of insecurity and fear.You look at your life as the director of a Movie. You can create the life you want! You are the director of that LIFE! Whatever your hearts desire you can get it! You Will get it! You Do get it!

The opposite of detached is control. Control is a trap! It makes detachment impossible.

An opinion can be good or bad, but it is out of our EGO. This creates drama. It is a distraction. When focusing on detachment you are not affected by the worldly pain and sorrow. You can focus on being of service to other people. To have compassion and love for all humanity.



  1. I love getting rid of all these opinions that we have every single day and this has been a great week in the Master Key Master mind alliance.

    This has been one of the funnest weeks I think, although catching myself every time I want to think of an opinion.. well that’s another story

    A you have a great week and your doing wonderful on your journey with the master keys

    Take care Brodi


  2. Hi Catherine,
    Love the picture of the flower! Brings a little mystery to the post. I agree with you on opinions. I’ve noticed most comments I make tend to be opinions. Is a decision an opinion? A co-worker asked me what I thought about an item we are developing. I had to stop and think is this an opinion? I decided that my reply was OK based on how I understood Mark’s rule for allowing us to share opinions. It really made me realize how often we reply with opinions.




  3. Catherine, I appreciated your week 5 post on opinions. I hear what you are saying about getting caught up in drama created by opinion. I hope that I don’t give you an opinion in my comment. 🙂 I get encouragement from the other MKMMAers and your journeys. Keep the good posts coming.


  4. masterkeybruce

    Hi Catherine,

    You have really summed this up for me. Your comment “You can create the life you want! You are the director of that LIFE! Whatever your hearts desire you can get it! You Will get it! You Do get it!” hit home with me.

    Way to go.



  5. Trish

    Amazing. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂


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