Week 2 – The End of Procrastination

So this is week 2 of the MKMMA and the work is a lot. I am finding that on top of the course load I am getting busy and doing lots of work around the house. Things are getting done around here!

At the beginning of the year a neighbour down the road from us was having a house torn down and demolished. I would walk by their house and notice the big trucks pulling old housing materials out of the lot.. truck after truck with big signs saying “Get R’ Done”. The time it took to demolish that house was not long… I would estimate 7-10 days to have a clean lot ready for new construction. I would look at the trucks and wish that I had that energy and motivation to just “GET R’ Done”… That kind of thing was just not me or I must be sick in someway to always feel fatigued and ill. I have a sleeping disorder so I just would put stuff off if I had a lousy night,

Well lo and behold this week came along and I have been speaking “GET IT DONE! ” 25x /two times a day with enthusiasm and now… I feel like a new person. I have lots of energy, I do things right away, my list of things to do is getting checked off and I am putting myself to bed nice and early and I have been exercising almost everyday. This has been an amazingly busy week and I love it!

Such a simple technique and it works! Even for my kids! They are saying these words twice a day as well and their routine lists have been checked off as soon as they get off the bus. Instead of taking all evening to do a few simple things they get it done so effortlessly these past few days. My eldest daughter exclaimed to me as she finished her chores… “Mom, i don’t know why but I just seem to have so much more energy”  Wow,I am amazed!

Now I am getting rid of that old house ie. my stinkin thinking with “Get R’ Done”  as my motto and building my own forever home using words instead of bulldozers. Those words will act more powerfully than any bulldozer ever can. This I’m sure of.



  1. How exciting! What unfolding and growth and it is spreading to your entire household. It was energizing just to ready about it and encouraging to me. I too would find myself saying “Get it Done!” and checking things off my list. I haven’t got the going to bed nice and early yet but you are motivating me! Thank you for a beautiful post 🙂

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    • Hi Carla,
      Thanks for replying! It is so good to hear about your progress. You are doing fantastic. Celebrate your successes and they will grow.


  2. Hello Carla,

    Enjoyed reading your blog. I like your new saying “Get It Done”. I look forward to reading your next blog.

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  3. Love it.. It is so amazing how when we speak something or even Think something how it can change our whole moment, day or week. That why I love this months scroll of OG saying ea morn I rise my vigor will increas, my enthusiasm will rise.. Oh yea.. Great job 😊

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  4. Congratulations on the success you are creating, feeling and seeing in your world. Fun times all around.

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  5. Wow Catherine, that is one inspiring blog… isn’t it amazing too the effect we have on our children! They are like sponges… everything we do as parents must be worthy of being copied. Your transformation will also be theirs. Awesome xo

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  6. Trish

    What a GREAT start! And ALREADY impacting your daughter too. NICE!!!


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